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P2P electronic music sharing app

Hi everyone!

Holochain seems very interesting to me and looks like the best platform for building or better say migrating one of the biggest existing music sharing torrent websites to p2p/blockchain platform which would feature downloading, forums, extensive hierachical classification/tagging, detailed search engine, release request system, track id section, etc… All of that and some more is already implemented, but on ancient version of IPB forum which runs on ancient versions of PHP/MySQL.

This project is huge and step by step, I’m willing to finance its development. Anyone wanting to take a closer look to what already exists, please PM me with your short portfolio/skills information and your email address, so I can send an invite.

Hope someone resonates with this? :slight_smile:


I have an interest in live audio / video streaming from an Android phone to a Linux server web app that one or more people could listen to / view - it sounds like solving your use case might also benefit my use case?

Hmm… I don’t see how solving the streaming solves my p2p download app problem?

Ah . . that’s not what I said . . what I meant was that I will be interested in seeing your use case solved too . .