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Owner 1 milion Holo?

How much do you have hot coin? How much did pay for it? What is your prediction price for next 5 years?


Hi Pavol,

Thanks for taking an effort to get involved in the forum.

Most people around here are focused on development of core architecture and happs that will be launched over 2021.

There are some posts on the forum going into price development without giving any price predictions.

You can visit Holotroopers channel on Telegram to discuss price. I presume the general sentiment within the ecosystem is that the price will go up in time.

This is of course no financial advice.

Take care,


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@Pavol link to HoloTroppers group on telegram recommended by @Daya


I want to bring positive information about future for development of Holo coin

Hi, I’m a great enthusiast of holochain and last week I joined holotroopers telegram chat. But I was suddenly banned from the chat and I wish to know why. I didn’t do anything offensive/wrong.

What is your TG username?