Our World & The OASIS API AMA/Q&A - 7th September 14:30 GMT

Greetings Friends,

There will be a Our World & The OASIS API AMA/Q&A on 7th September @ 14:30 GMT. Would be great to see people there. Please respond to this message if you are interested so we can send you a zoom link closer to the time… thank you.

The HoloNET HDK/ODK (Holochain/OASIS Development Kit) will be released as an early altha/prototype soon and we may even show a sneak preview of it on the call…

Also, please ask any questions below here, which can be answered on the call.

Many thanks.

In Love, Light & Hope,
The Our World Tribe.

Greetings Friends,

It brings us great pleasure to announce that we will be holding our first Our World AMA/Q&A session on Sept 7th @ 14:30PM GMT. We will be sharing the zoom link in our Telegram group soon so please remember to check back there often.

We post regular updates (normally daily) of progress, the prototypes and everything else is moving super fast now, we barely have time to keep people up dated so best place to check is in the Telegram group daily…

We hope to see all our fans there, David, our founder/CTO will be there to give an update on progress, latest news and take any questions…

He may even show a preview of the tech/prototype if you are lucky! :wink:

We hope to have an early altha of the HoloNET HDK/ODK (Holochain/OASIS Development Kit) out this month as well as launching the Avatar/Karma/Security/Authentication/Single Sign On System… stay tuned for more details. This will allow people to start creating OAPP’s (OASIS Apps) that plug into Our World as well as allow people to integrate the Avatar/Karma system into any existing websites/apps, etc…

It’s been a looooooooooooong road folks (9 years in the making) but we are FINALLY ready to start showing the world something… :slight_smile:

All our hard work and our latest BIG PUSH working round the clock to get this done is finally paying off! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Zoom Link Below:

Meeting ID: 760 9195 8872
Passcode: 6sLUqr

In Love, Light & Hope,
The Our World Tribe.

Reminder AMA today at 230pm GMT. Hope to see some of you there… :slightly_smiling_face: thanks. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: