OS for pineA64+

hello everyone, I’m wondering if there will be in the future an OS installation for PINE A64 + (CPU Cortex A53, CPU Cores 4, CPU Bus 64 Bit, CPU Speed 1.2Ghz, memory 2GB DDR3), thanks

In the future, you will be able to a) download the Holo Host OS image, or b) download the Holo hApp that can be installed on existing Linux/Window/Mac systems, including low-power computers such as Raspberry Pi and enterprise devices.

“You could host from your own device by installing our HoloPortOS. If you want to run from your laptop without installing our OS. You’d have to configure the software yourself. So far, we’re focused on making it easy to run on dedicated devices and haven’t focused on making it easy to run on the side on your main computing device.”

For Holo Host questions and resources, feel free to check out the FAQ channel @holofaq or DIY Hosting discussion on Telegram.