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Organic Watershed Management, a hApps ecosystem

Indicator Species and AI.
Now this might be how we educate, value and protect our biodiversity in the world’s watersheds.
Pick Canaries for Coal Mines.
Lichen, benthic invertebrates, frogs and birds can be how we certify and market organic food.
If any Software architect or coders up for a project like this, please contact me.
Links to inspire below.


AI can start to really help too.
Except from below link:
a four-part template for testing an AI system’s ability to understand stories.

  • Spatial: Where is everything located and how is it positioned throughout the story?
  • Temporal: What events occur and when?
  • Causal: How do events lead mechanistically to other events?
  • Motivational: Why do the characters decide to take the actions they take?

By systematically asking these questions