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Open Space Meeting No 10

Hi All,

The next Holochain Open Space meeting will be on Monday 27 September, 2021. 14:00 CEST

Holochain Open Space Meeting is a regular monthly virtual meeting to provide an open environment for those interested in Holochain technology to meet each other.

If you’re new to the Holochain ecosystem, or looking to deepen your engagement within the community, drop in and say hello.

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

See it in your local time here.

Facilitators: @hedayat

Looking forward to seeing you!

[Open Space Meeting No 10]


Nice, 5am PST :slight_smile: I’ll be there!

I’m hosting a PST-friendly virtual gathering for holochain networking in the Pacific Northwest on Sept 30th, so this is nice timing to get a feel for how these Open Space Meetings go as an example format!


Yes plz to PST friendly gathering on the 30th!

Is there a link to sign up for the 30th event? Wanna make sure I get it on my calendar before I forget!

@hedayat salam, nice to see another persian here.
I have been following from a far.
I’ll try to catch up tomorrow

@cyrus Salam, nice to see your message.
Looking forward to see you on Monday as well.

Hey a12k ! Here’s the link to RSVP - we moved it to the 29th at 5:30pm Pacific, hope that works for you!


This is an informal holochain and Holo networking chat for folks in Pacific time to connect and share their work. I’m loosely facilitating the conversation via the collaborative Living Systems Network which co-produced the Vancouver holochain hackathon way back in 2018. We’re dipping back into convening to help spark and build the ecosystem in this region.

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:wave: Hi everyone

That was a nice call.

Thank you all for participating to the today meeting. It was a really nice call.
Looking forward to see you again in the next one.

With Love.