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Open Space Meeting №5

Hi All,

The fifth Holochain Open Space meeting will be on 21 April, 2021.

Holochain Open Space Meeting is a regular monthly virtual meeting to provide an open environment for those interested in Holochain technology to meet each other.

If you’re new to the Holochain ecosystem, or looking to deepen your engagement within the community, drop in and say hello.

Zoom link

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 8:00 ET | 14:00 CEST See your local time

Facilitators: @f00bar42 @hedayat

Looking forward to seeing you!


Hi, I’m just wondering that holo’s market value has dropped sharply. Should I be worried as a holo Investor?

[Reposting my reply to your other post re the same question here for any future visitors]

Looking pretty phenomenally good to me, but I have no holo so I can only see it as an onlooker:

I believe there are more appropriate places for price discussions - these forums are more development-focused. Check out the Facebook group and the holo hosting forums.


@Tarkan @stephenbpurkiss as is written in the root of this category, open space meetings are not intended to be a place for anything HOT-token related, so please avoid going off-topic here.

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Absolutely! Without the power to move topics I realise everyone is busy so thought I would provide an informative reply in the meantime which would perhaps help and help any others whom may see this misinformation. Looking back, I should’ve flagged the post and mentioned that - I did say these forums are for the development.

Basically I was trying to speed up a response as we can see it is 6d since the reply to your post was posted and only now is this issue being highlighted, whereas many visitors to this page might have seen the event and gone “oh that looks interesting” then the post below and gone “oh, there’s a problem?”, and that’s the issue I was attempting to solve as best I could from where I am.

What I probably should’ve done is not worry and do something more important to my life, but hey, I’m that kinda guy lol :smiley:

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Is there an updated link for the April meeting? Looks like the zoom meeting link is dated 31/3/21


Oh shoot, that is indeed what’s happening. I’ll check if I can update the link to have the right date in it. Thank you!

Thanks it will be my first meeting, appears meeting will be in 6.5hours time?

Yep :slight_smile: see you there!

Hey all, it was nice to meet you today! I found the meeting to be very informative, and got some great links to some resources I hadn’t known about before. Just in case someone else finds this post, being directed to this “Holochain in Action” session was one of the most useful takeaways: Holochain-in-action session №2: holo-layer project and test scaffolding from the scratch