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About the Open Space category

Holochain Open Space Meeting is a regular monthly virtual meeting to provide an open environment for those interested in Holochain technology to meet each other.

These meetings are intended to be a place for:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Getting to know the Holochain ecosystem
  • Welcoming door for the new members
  • Community discussions and topics

These meetings are not intended to be a place for:

  • Crypto Trading
  • HOT token

These meetings are held and facilitated by different trusted members of the community. The time and description of each meeting will be announced at least one week earlier in this section.


Are these still hAppening @hedayat?

I am obviously not @hedayat however if you’ll accept answers from others then surprised as you should’ve seen a sticky banner at the top of the screen as there’s one hAppening soon! Perhaps it’s only on some pages, dunno - anyway here’s the link:


Also to be updated about the future meetings please look up the root category of open-space.

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Yes the March Open space is on Wed 31 March.
Link here: Open Space Meeting No4