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Open Space meeting №3 👋 💥 😻

Hello All!

We are excited to announce that the third ‘Open Space Meeting’ will be held in the last week of February on Thursday, the 25th at 1pm UTC | 8am EST | 9pm SGT.

If you’re new to the Holochain ecosystem, or looking to deepen your engagement within the community, drop in and say hello :wave:

Where: Zoom link
When: Thursday, 25 February 1pm UTC, See other time zones here
More about this gathering: Holochain Open Space Meeting is a regular monthly virtual meeting to provide an open environment for those interested in Holochain technology to meet each other.
Facilitators: @sidsthalekar @lchang

Look forward to see you!


Can you confirm the Zoom link is correct?

Thanks @sidsthalekar! That’s 3am Hawaii time, so not this one; would be fun to join another one, thanks for hosting.


The link is correct now :slight_smile:

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I wish I could make this meeting, but 3 am is too big a push. Will someone please point me to a tutorial on how to serve the elemental-chat wasm on linux? Is there a way to run nodes on linux or in a vm? Apologies if these are basic questions - everything here is so new to me. I’m still looking for a simple, contained hello world example I can just run and hack on. Thanks and I hope to join you next time!

Are recordings of these meetings available somewhere?

would like to see a recording of the zoom meeting as well.

@concordis @asandman21 Unfortunately no recording :frowning: These were just informal interactions with people who wanted to explore how to engage better with HC.