Open Source Chess

I got into a conversation around open source chess. And apparently there is a really big open source platform at They publish their server costs and I think it would be an interesting design challenge to think about how this would work and what costs would be like if there was a holochain based chess app where say, 50% of the load was hosted with people playing chess natively on their computers (just as a fully p2p holochain app) and 50% playing on hosted instances. What do you think? I would store my chess moves plus 10 others or so. Pretty minimal data. It seems like there is a bunch of analysis done and stuff like that too. not sure how that would be affected…

Here’s what it costs the community to run now:


@ViktorZaunders really interesting - so potentially holochain can save them 50-70K a year. Wonder how other costs might vary?


What kind of costs are you thinking of?

These kind of things

420K annually
70K servers
5K services (including cloud it appears)
350K salaries and operating costs

Games per day 5,200,000
Running cost
Per day $1,148.95
Per hour $47.87
Per minute $0.80
Per game $0.00022
Games per $ 4,526

Will be interesting to run holochain/holo chess and see difference in cost basis - amazing to have this data

Right, would be interesting to see how much of salaries are server maintenance and what upkeep will look like on holochain/holo.