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Open Climate Collabathon (Nov 15 - Dec 6, 2019)

I just signed up for this after finding out they were using it as an Open Value Network experiment :slight_smile:


If you go through the registration form it gives you a pretty good sense of what the hackathon will be focused on.


Cool, pospi… Adam knows the organisers and we are trying to figure out how to assist as a ‘node’.

Sensorica, a probable HoloREA beta tester, is involved:

@dhtnetwork how would you feel about roping some people in to this? CoMakery, Sensorica and many other Open Value Network collaborators are participating…

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@pospi that would be so great. What’s the next step? What can we do? I met Noah a few weeks ago at SF Block Week. It was nice to meet him.

BTW: I just signed up.

Looks like I missed the boat on this. I’ll keep an eye out for future hackathons in Sydney, Australia, or online ones!