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ONLINE: London Holochain Meetup - FRIDAY, 25 September, 530PM GMT

Hi All,

Next London Holochain Meetup is on 25th September, 530PM GMT/BST.


  • Q&A with David Atkinson - Commercial Director at Holo
  • Holochain status update: Eduardo Moreira, Eyss (Meetup co-host)
  • Depending on time, we may break up into smaller groups – biz, tech and philosophy.

We really hope you can join and looking forward to seeing you!

(Video conf details TBC)


Hi All,

The link for today https://ca.meet.coop/b/oli-1vp-srh

No need to sign up or in, simply enter your name in the empty field that says: Enter your name :slight_smile:

Pls make sure to use your headphones.

See you in a few!