One Holoport + For Sale

Hello Holochain Family,

My familiy purchased two Holoport +, one for my wife and one for myself, but we decided that we only need one. It’s out of the box but in perfect condition as she configured but never used the unit. Please let me know if you would like to purchase and I will pay for shipping and handling.


I would like to purchase. Can you please let me know if this is still available?

Kind regards,

Hi Evan,

Thanks for reaching out. I still have the Holoport plus - Type B. I can list it on eBay so that you have a point of contact to facilitate. How does that sound? If you know any other platform that can facilitate I’d be happy to look into it.



Hi Bobby,

that works well with me, if you can provide a link to the eBay listing I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Evan,

Please see my ebay link: 2 x Holoport Plus for sale. Mint condition! | eBay

If you want to purchase both units then you have a combined savings of approximately $460. Plus, I will pay for standard shipping. 2-8 business days,