Omni Design Criteria

Hi all, I’m Marcus from Sydney Australia. I’ve been toying with the idea of Omni for some time. The concepts behind Holochain have dramatically shifted my initial aim to simply disintermediate academic publishing to creating a thriving scholarly commons that is capable of much greater sense-making than the existing scholarly structure.

I do need help, however. This is way bigger than me and I’ve only been learning to code for 12 months. I trust that the design will emerge as more people get around it and discuss. I want this to be grounded in the principles of Holochain and related projects, it’s not just Open Access scholarly communication.


So could this be used to help people and communities come together to solve world’s problems? So it would act as a communication and collaboration tool?

Did you have any more links or info etc? Thanks. :grin:

The main repo is at

But really I’ve been taking a backseat on the initial idea as I’ve listened more to Schmachtenberger and Greenhall. I’m re-opening the design brief to something that is maybe a platform that more closely resembles Ceptr (i.e. fractally sovereign scholarly commons) than my initial vision of a simple distributed repository for academic articles.

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I apologise for those expecting a project with a clear plan, but addressing the fundamental sense-making capacities of modern civilisation requires you to slow down for a second. We are educated into a society with prepared answers, but this kind of project is in response to a unique situation without prescribed answers – the potential loss of sense-making in an increasingly confused and ineffective civilisation faced with existential challenges.

I invite you all into this liminal space.


The reason why I asked this, is because if this is the case then this is also something that will be integrated into Our World so once again there could be collaboration opportunities we could explore in this area… :slight_smile:

You’re quickly discovering that the lines between projects are in fact very blurry. There’s no need for competing here, we’re working on ideas, patterns and modules that will be used across very many apps, in slightly different ways depending on the context. I’m glad you’re interested.

But the Omni Project is probably differentiated in that Omni is attempting to attract the interest of the scholarly community specifically, and reorient it to be able to meet the design criteria listed at the top of this thread. At the very least, Omni is a bridge between the scholarly system and the world of fractal sovereignty.

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I didn’t say I was competing, simply stating that Our World is like a XR Unified Interface into all of these apps (this is the Operating System part of it), it is a VERY big project as you are starting to see! lol :wink: ). its a bit like the XR UI front-end to Holochain where you can view and launch any apps from inside it but they integrate much more deeper than that… its very hard to try and share and explain my vision… just wish I had the investment to get it going properly… I hope soon… :slight_smile:

My specialty is deep integration and unification… :slight_smile: I want to bring everything together and not just within Holochain… the whole world… I think VERY BIG! :wink:

Holochain users will utilise and experience hApps in many different ways, I don’t think we will ever exhaust the ways in which people interact with each other, so what you’re working on is a big deal. Even brain-computer interfaces would fit under the Our World category, in my opinion.

It’s easy to get lost thinking that you alone need to be the one to integrate and unify everything. Just be careful with that line of thinking.

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Yes that is also part of it, you can control the game with your mind with a EEG headband, like have force powers, etc and make fire burn brighter by focusing on it… and mediate to make it rain to water your crops, etc…

It needs billions in funding but I got to start somewhere, every big idea has to start small and make baby steps, why I am trying to get as many people involved as possible to help and why I made it open source… I hope eventually it will attract enough attention to get serious funding… it will REALLY help turbocharge the holochain ecosystem and help all of us… we can achieve so much more working together rather than alone and why I love this forum… it has helped me see what everyone else was working on… I was kinda in my own silo until now and can see a lot more opportunities to collaborate with many as you probably seen from all my posts! :wink: lol

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