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Not sure where to start

Hey I’m trying to see where to start to develop a game app on holochain, but it seems like the examples/tutorials are for an older version of the code?

I was hoping there was a chat or discord, as the forum is a bit confusing to navigate and hard to find what’s still accurate and find places to ask the myraid of questions I want to. If someone could maybe chat with me to help figure out if holochain works for what I want and how to get started with development there I’d really appreciate it!

Here’s a good place to start!

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I’ve actually been though that and am not really sure where to go from here. Thank you though, if that info is still accurate than it was a good introduction.
(It mentions Zomes and I thought that’s old terminology EDIT: i think im thinking of cell vs dna instance actually)

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Yes that’s indeed up to date. Have you gone through both the concepts and exercises? I think the exercises give you a good initiation into happ development. If you have, what do you think is missing, and what are the next steps that you’d want to explore?

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I’m a bit confused how to start writing the actual code and host my own chain/app using the newest provided protocols is all.

If that’s what the exercises in then yay! I didn’t check them because I figured they’d be more just quizzes to help you remember the concepts.

I’ll go check them out, thank you!

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I think this is what you are looking for: