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Non-techy Directory of Terms

As a nontechnical HoloPort owner, I’m looking for a Directory of Terms so I can understand more of what folks are saying. I think it will be vital as we gain momentum.

I thought I’d read somewhere that someone was already working on that project. Who might that be? I’d love to pitch in!


Hi Ms Anita,

I saw your post and thought maybe I could help… This is a link to the Holochain Guidebook. It appears there has been some progress happening there by way of a glossary of sorts; but it’s still in progress.

Perhaps you would find here more helpful: a link to “Holochain Core Concepts” which has some stuff I found useful when first learning about Holochain.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for these links! I’m finding some great definitions that this non techy girl can grasp. For those of us non-developers, sentences where there needs to be 3-4 links to define the words gets tough. I’ll play with it…slowly but surely!! Again, THANKS!