Non-fungible tokens or similar?

Is it possible to create non-fungible tokens in Holochain, at least, theoretically?

I know is not a simple question, because the issue is inside criptocurrencies topic, that, as far as I have read, Holochain was not designed for that

I’m starting a new project (kind of game for a master’s degree) and I’m checking alternatives. I arrived here just googling. If you could give me some guide or piece of advice, I’ll be thankfull

Bests, José.-

PS.: Sorry if my english sucks


Hi @joseespinadote !

It depends on what you mean by non-fungible tokens, in general Holochain is designed to be much more flexible and generic than blockchain, so you’re not “stuck” in having to convert everything to a “token”.

You can develop your application to include a wide range of mechanisms regarding “ownership” of digital assets, that may block any two agents to claiming ownership rights to an entry, so in that sense, this is totally possible.

But this really depends on the mechanisms and rules that your game has, if you want to share some more on that I think we should be able to find a solution to develop in Holochain.



It would be an interesting exercise, to design a Holochain alternative to non-fungible-tokens.

Besides ownership, there should be a way to establish what unique (non-fungible) assets are being exchanged. Right now with Ethereum the solution is to write a hash for a file (let’s say a PNG for an artwork, or a MP4 for a song) in the chain transaction, and store the actual file somewhere else (can be a P2P solution like IPFS). With Holochain maybe Holo can be used as storage solution?

I would be interested in collaborating with other people also interested in the topic.

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@hedayat are you working on PeerShare?

you I am, however not with full gas.