(Nominally) For-Profit projects, Non-Profit projects, Rheonomy?


I have been lurking here for quite a while just because I thought Holochain sounded interesting but I probably don’t really “get it”.

I just read this:

  • and it suggested I should delve deeper into the Holochain project . . but as an introduction to me and my projects, maybe people can tell me if I am in the right place or not . .

What is a “Life Extension Village”? The quick summary would be: “Living Better and Living Longer” ie the activities there will stretch from Tai Chi and organic vegetables to brain scanning and stem-cell therapy.

and I am intending to site one of my non-profit’s research facility there (the current, sole residential building is “the office”).

For a few years I have been thinking how I might attract similarly interested people as residents, renters, investors, developers, workers etc and have been looking at Coins, ICOs, DAOs, NFTs etc.

It occurs to me that what I am trying to do has some relationship to Rheonomy? It would be good to have some feedback from people here that might clarify things for me.



NAF is a very unfortunate name to use here in the UK. Naf is slang for not much good - “that’s pretty naf idea” = not a good idea.