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NFTs on Holochain? Easy as passing the ball

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have suddenly become rather popular. I don’t exactly know why now is their time — maybe it’s because celebrities are beginning to sell them, or maybe it’s because recent price increases of BTC and ETH have given hodlers a lot of new money to play with. Whatever the cause, the world is taking notice. And not just the crypto world — traditional auction house Christie’s recently sold an NFT for $69 million USD.

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/nfts-on-holochain-easy-as-passing-the-ball-2/
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This is very exciting news!

We are a social NFT marketplace start up and hope to build our website and app on holochain.

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Feeling like sharing a - probably irrelevant - thought about NFT and the scarcity based economy after seeing last week that sorare.com just received nearly half a billion euros in investments. May be we could create as an Holochain & Holo demo happ soabundant. May be it would be a good devcamp exercise? As a Holoport owner, I would be willing to host that happ for free.


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Here are three weaknesses of blockchain identified regarding NFT - can Holo answer them?

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I share here the new blog post about NFT on Holochain ! It answer some questions asked above.