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NextGen Social Network & Fully Integrated Unified Interface

Our World is much more than just a game or platform. It is also a social network, ecosystem, asset store, operating system, app store, e-commerce & soooooo much more! :wink: It is the XR Gamified Layer of the new interplanetary operating system and the new internet (Web 3.0 - The Spacial Web). It is the future cyberspace we will all be fully immersed in…

It combines everything out there into one unified fully integrated interface. You never need to leave the XR/IR interface, you can launch all your apps, surf the net, check your email, make video calls, check your social feeds, play games, use real-time 3D geo-location maps of the world, shop, run your business and do everything you can currently do with existing technology but on a much more evolved fully integrated XR way… If you want to get an idea of what this looks like then watch Ready Player One, the OASIS that features in that is about 40% of what Our World is and we have been designing it long before we had even heard of Ready Player One.

NextGen Social Network

The social network part of Our World will be a fully de-centralised distributed social network that has your privacy concerns built into the design. You store and own your data on the ONET (powered by Holochain) and choose what you share and to who so it is never stored on any central server where it can be sold to advertisers, etc as is the case with Facebook, Google,etc.

OASIS Avatar/Profile/Karma Integration

What’s more, this is fully integrated into the rest of the system and the OASIS Avatar/Profile/Karma system. So your profile will contain your 3D avatar and you will gain karma if you help people on the network. Of course if you are abusive then you will lose karma so this is a good incentive to behave yourselves and be kind and loving to your fellow earthlings… :wink:

Our World/OASIS API/Social Network Website

As well as the smartphone & desktop/console versions of Our World/OASIS, there will also be a traditional website, which will be the social network part of the system where people can view people’s profiles/avatars, their karma, chat, find people with similar passions & interests. You can also help other people in need and gain karma, etc. They can also view the various satellite apps/games/websites that are linked and integrated into the OASIS System. Just like the smartphone & console/desktop versions they can also launch the satellite app/game/website from the website.

There will also be a AR & VR version of the social network fully integrated into the smartphone and desktop/console versions of Our World.

Please see the OASIS API/Karma System section for more info.

Noomap Integration

This is also of course linked to your Me Holon in Noomap along with all your passions, interests, etc as described earlier.

It will also be deeply integrated into every other aspect of the system as mentioned earlier (shopping, business, games, email, etc).

Deep Integration Into Other Networks/Protocols/Platforms (Such as Gab, Mastodon, Diaspora, WebFinger, SOLID, Ethereum, Fediverse, ActivityPub, XMPP & More!)

We plan to also deeply integrate into any other aligned open freedom loving networks/platforms/protocols such as Gab, Mastodon, Diaspora, WebFinger, SOLID, Ethereum, Fediverse, ActivityPub, XMPP etc so you can share your profile data between the various networks. You no longer need to have many logins and apps, you just have ONE central portal to do ALL you need to in a very cool evolved XR way…

You can also choose to store your data on any other platform/server such as a SOLID Pod or Matteron Server but either way you will be able to share data between Holochain, SOLID, Etherum, Fediverse (ActivePub) and any other open standard protocol/platform using the OASIS API.

Our vision is to connect everything to everything through one universal fully integrated interface.