Newer version of crate `proc_macro_hack` which `hdk` depends on

I’m on Holonix v0.0.65.

I’m getting the following error with Rust Language Server (RLS for Vscode) when using use hdk::prelude::*;

found possibly newer version of crate `proc_macro_hack` which `hdk` depends on

note: perhaps that crate needs to be recompiled?
note: the following crate versions were found:
      crate `proc_macro_hack`: /home/marcus/target/debug/deps/libproc_macro_hack-deb3ce696d00e7e1.rlib
      crate `proc_macro_hack`: /home/marcus/target/debug/deps/libproc_macro_hack-deb3ce696d00e7e1.rmeta
      crate `proc_macro_hack`: /home/marcus/target/debug/deps/libproc_macro_hack-433fcc32ea32d504.rmeta
      crate `hdk`: /home/marcus/target/debug/deps/libhdk-a263a9f418cc0232.rmeta

Cargo.toml dependencies

serde = "=1.0.89"
serde_json = { version = "=1.0.39", features = ["preserve_order"] }
serde_derive = "=1.0.89"
hdk = "=0.0.42-alpha5"
holochain_wasm_utils = "=0.0.42-alpha5"
holochain_json_derive = "=0.0.17"
hdk_proc_macros = "=0.0.42-alpha5"
boolinator = "=2.4.0"

I’ve tried deleting the debug target/directory and restarting RLS, but the same error appears.

Adding proc-macro-hack = "0.5.11" to dependencies fixes it, but that feels cheaty

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