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Newbie questions

hI JUST JOINED .Wandering when the holo ports [nano ] will be available? If anyone can advise? Plus…how can i install holochain ,as a non tech user? Thanks for any help.

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Same here!

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Hello You can install an app, like Clutter, that is written on the basis of Holochain, I tried it out myself, it worked. On Holoport, there is a special Nix OS distribution that will handle the Holofuel and other apps. I just noticed there is a nifty link to Install Holochain in the top right corner of the forum, to install the distro. Go figure.

But I have a question too, I’ve set the Holoport up and running, how do I participate in any tests to help speed up the development? Or are they automatic?

Also, if I turn off the LED for a longer time and then back on, there is a blue blinking as if the HP was starting up. does the HP turn off when LED is turned off?

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