New set up with used device

Lets assume I am buying a used Holoport + from somebody. What will I have to do to set the device up without the old users having access to my data etc. I would love to see some instructions how that would work.

Many thanks

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You could post the question on HoloHost forum, though there is not much of a community over there, so far only 13 posts are there.

Also note the new user (@Daya @alu @QuantumHolopedia @polyannie01) will also have to check with holo host support team to see if the installation instructions for them would be different since this was already installed on a certain network!?

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It is a reset file by usb in the HP, get your email whitelisted, follow the given steps from there

if needed people can contact me about this for help


@Daya Daya where should one find that USB (one in the box)? and who should one contact ( for whitelisting. Thanks.

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The USB key comes in the box, yes, but I’m pretty sure you can use any old thumbdrive. Just remove the hpos-config.json file and replace it with a newly generated one. Of course as @Daya says, you’ll need to get your email address approved for the alpha programme first –, or contact an agent at