New on this platform

Hello Team,

I am new here, want to know how this platform work. Is there any tutorial for the same?. If person has no knowledge of coding he or she can create app here?. I tried to install holo Dec but unable to find its exe or setup. Kindly guide me

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Hi @Reetika!

If you click the main ‘forum’ link at the top the list of categories will come up and you’ll see there’s a ‘Start Here’ one where there’s a quite long introductions thread, that’s a good place to post a little intro. There’s also a wealth of other introductory info there too.

Underneath that there’s the Learning Library category, plenty in there to get you started! There’s the wonderful Holochain Gym however that’s focused on those who want to dive into code right now - I have seen some of the YouTube videos where they show some low-code tools that are being built to make it easy to piece together hApps however as with everything else here, it’s very much ‘in development’!

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…in addition I realise some may read that as “there’s nothing for me yet” whereas it’s the complete opposite - the tricky bit is discovering precisely where your particular interface is, and from my own experience I can only advise this: the first thing you think and/or see about the project is probably where you will have the greatest value, and will probably make you think the complete opposite. It takes a village etc…


I read the theoretical part, want to know how I can learn coding and make one application using holochain. Kindly Guide for the same.

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