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New Acorn release

Acorn release version 0.5.2-alpha packs some wonderful features. If you were using Acorn v0.5.1-alpha, you will want to export each of your projects as JSON, and re-import them to this version.

![Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 2 37 42 PM](upload://iBSyt2bksuNMRC67TMHJGcZVVJQ.png)



  • creating a “child” card has changed: you now click and drag on the purple circle icon that appears beneath a Card when you hover over it, and drag it onto the empty canvas to create a new child Goal. You still take that same action to connect it to an existing Goal. Previously you would select a Goal, then hold down G and click on the open canvas.


  • the ability to use a “Universal” priority mode, where everyone in a project must be in consensus on what is the top priority. Priority view becomes a ranked list of top priorities. Priority Goals have radiant auras on the Map view. You can switch between this Priority Mode and the other ‘Vote Based’ mode at any time and back without data loss
  • You can ‘re-parent’ a Goal, by clicking on the purple circle icon immediately above the card you want to re-parent, and drag it to the Goal you wish to make its new parent
  • It nicely animates the adding of new goal cards, their removal, and tree in general anytime the tree changes, due to your actions or your collaborators


  • bugs with the Priority View in Vote Based mode

Awesome. Can a node have two parent nodes?

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Haha, caught us. Not yet, we’re working ourselves up to that :stuck_out_tongue: