New Acorn Release, and Blog Post

The newest release of Acorn, v0.3.4, finally adds the ability to edit the state-of-affairs tree: you can connect goals to sub-goals, disconnect them, move them around, and reconnect them. It also uses Holochain v0.0.51 and includes a few bug fixes.

There is a blog post released around the same time, that goes into an extended overview of how the Acorn development and release process works, and is titled “How To Ship Your hApp”.
Here it is:

This version is not yet released for Holoscape as we are awaiting a version of Holoscape with Holochain v0.0.51-alpha1 under the hood.

nice! @Connoropolous! :star_struck:

Eager to check the new version, I replaced the app in the applications folder on os x but it crashes, is there an application support folder that I can clear to make a cleaner reinstall? (Couldn’t find it if there is)


Hey Viktor,

I had one other similar report from @bierlingm
There is an application support folder, it’s ~/Library/Application Support/Acorn … could you try clearing out any files from there, if there are some, and launching?

Yup; thanks Connor, that solved it! Looking great! Looking forward to Holo hosting or windows implementations to start using this with some colleagues! :blush: