.NET HDK Discussions

We will soon also begin work on the .NET HDK to open up the amazing Holochain to the massive .NET & Unity ecosystem’s, which will help turbocharge the holochain ecosystem we are trying to build…

.NET supports compiling to WASM so we know this is possible… :wink:

We are looking for devs who would be interested in this exciting mini-project, so if you are interested please get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

Just as with NextGenSoftware.Holochain.HoloNET.Client, this project may be split out into its own repo and then linked to this one as a sub-module in future…

We have been tracking a number of different solutions to allow .NET to compile to WASM and the most promising so far is CoreRT (a AOT (Ahead Of Time) Compiler for .NET Core):

This will allow managed C# code to be compiled into any native language including WASM.


The .NET HDK is now being actively developed… stay tuned for exciting news soon… :wink:

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Any updates on this .NET HDK

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its 90% ready… @carolyn @thedavidmeister @Connoropolous any luck troubleshooting Ellam’s issues with RSM on his PC?

I’m helping with the Rust HDK part for HoloOASIS

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seemed like the latest issue was needing to add the wasm target to the rust compilation - About the RSM Technical Discussion! category

note that while the HDK interface is relatively stable and can be implemented in anything with wasm+messagepack, the holochain conductor likely has bugs/gaps on native windows

if anyone can test and develop PRs for windows for anything missing that would be awesome :pray:

all good if not, we will keep working towards it

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