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Need help with tryorama error type: 'internal_error'

Hye, i had an error with tryorama when testing the exercise in “1.basic/1.entries/exercise/zomes/src/lib.rs”

the error goes:

16:02:09 [tryorama] info: Conductor ‘c0’ process spawning completed.
App Port spun up on port 36165
16:02:11 [tryorama] error: Test error: {
type: ‘error’,
data: {
type: ‘internal_error’,
data: ‘Conductor returned an error while using a ConductorApi: EntryDefStoreError(DnaError(WasmError(Compile(“Error while importing \“env\”.\”__import_data\": incompatible import type. Expected Function(FunctionType { params: [I32], results: [] }) but received Function(FunctionType { params: [], results: [I64] })"))))’

not sure if this is normal but either way it would be great if someone can clarify it to me :slight_smile:
and i did compile the code first before testing.

Thank you very much.

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Okey omg so sorry about this. I was relying on the CI of the Gym but that had a bug in itself that didn’t surface its errors…

Anyway, retested everything, and pushed a working version for all the exercises.

Pull the developer-exercises repo again and try it now. You should be able to continue your Gym journey now.