My content is being blocked, censored or hidden by administrators

So I am not allowed to talk about the work/projects that we are working on in these forums? How is it that spam to share about the ideas that we are currently working through?

My hope with holochain was that I was going to be able to overcome censorship, but I am finding talking about holochain is very censored.

There is a basic protection in place to prevent users without much history from posting links. I don’t know whether you were actively prevented from that, or whether your history on this forum just isn’t yet far enough, but there should be a set of instructions for how to gain the ability to post links.

Can’t look it up right now (in a hurry), but feel free to search for it.

Ok, thanks for letting me know and good to know.

It said it hidden because they felt it was a marketing thread, but I didn’t post URLs, other people did.