Mutual-credit PoC: holochain community experiment

Team Size: 3

Guillem @guillemcordoba, @Qubeo and @hedayat

Description: Let’s do a mutual-credit / social-triangulation experiment with the holochain community!

Right now we only have holoscape as a way of releasing holochain apps, and we have a whole community (devs and non-devs) wanting to try out this stuff… So let’s play with it!

The PoC will only include a small mutual-credit happ to be installed in holoscape. Its membrane will be built around social-triangulation, by vouching other people to get into the DNA. With this, we will experiment what are the blockers around these new patterns and learn about what needs to be improved before making an official production launch once holo is live.


Similar app or site: Ciclos but not exactly

I am at…:

Design and implementation: PoC of the mutual-credit backend implemented, Starting the UI side now. Design of the building blocks already done, just need to get more clarity around how to combine them together.

Fund rasing: I don’t need funding, I have enough resources to launch this PoC experiment in the following weeks.

Skills: rate yourself from 0 - 10

  • Holochain knowledge: I know how to architect, design and implement happs for different use cases.
  • Front-End: VueJS(6), Angular(7), Javascript(8), Lit-Element(8), micro-frontends (7)
  • Back-End: Rust(5), NodeJs(6), Java(5), C++(3)
  • UI/UX: CSS(7),
  • Community building: 3
  • Others: GraphQl(7)


  • Working intermitently and scarcely until now
  • 25 hours a week starting now

What do I need

  • 2 to 3 weeks to finish implementation
  • Excited community members to play with it and test it and have fun!!!
  • More knowledge about when Holo is going to be online
  • In the future, having a UI designer help design UI/UX would be fantastic

UPDATE: we have successfully reached MVP status, you can see more details here.


I’m excited about this and very interested in playing with it!


I am also up for playing with it as a non-dev user. :slight_smile:


Oh @guyjames of course! I was going to contact you once we had this more advanced :slight_smile: thanks it’s going to be fun!


I am totally an excited community member willing to play and test and have fun!


Hi everyone! Good news! We have finished an MVP implementation!

Right now, we are waiting for the next release of holoscape (0.0.48-alpha1) to publish it to the happ-index so that it’s available directly on holoscape. The main reason for that is to avoid having to start again the social-triangulation and transactions process once the upgrade comes.

But! If you want to try it out, you can download the bundle and install it locally using the “Install hApp from file” option in your holoscape. IMPORTANT! If you do install it, make sure to mark the Admin Interface option before pressing install, necessary to clone the mutual-credit DNA.

Once you have installed it, you need vouches from people already inside the network. Ping me for now, and anyone already inside the network can comment here so that people can ask them for vouches too.

UPDATE: First issue found! And it was a breaking one, I am now updating the dnas and bundle to bug-free before more people join.

UPDATE 2: Issue fixed! Here is the new bundle: If anyone downloaded the previous bundle (tagging @Connoropolous), I suggest you clean your holoscape installation and install this one fresh, sorry for the inconveniences.


That is awesome Guillem!

Hey @guillemcordoba … I installed it to Holoscape just now, username @connor :slight_smile:

love the vouching pattern, great system for ensuring safety of DNA spaces.

can you vouch for me? haha

Connor, are you running macOS Catalina? I’m barred from Holoscape so long as I can’t figure out how to fix the Nix issue…

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Hi @bierlingm,

I just upgraded my laptop to Catalina (10.15.4). I followed this page:

It worked for me. Maybe you want to give it a try?

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Yep @bierlingm we’ve had numerous successes with nix and Catalina now, you should be good :slight_smile:

just make sure, don’t miss the “restart” step

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Thanks for encouraging me again. I worked it out now!

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Hey Guillem, I’ve installed the bundle and would like to be vouched for. My username is bierlingm. :smiley:

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When I’m loading up the Community Currency happ in Holoscape right now I’m just getting a loading spinner , and not seeing it resolve any of the data on any of the pages.

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Hi @Connoropolous, have you reinstalled from fresh holoscape with the new bundle?

no, not since we chatted, there’s new?

Yes! See the updated comment in this post.

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I also only get the spinner or the screen about needing 2 vouches from existing members. How to proceed?

OK, I have one vouch now (thanks @guillemcordoba!). Who wants to give me another one?

@hedayat, @sidsthalekar, maybe you guys?

Sent you a vouch yesterday. Maybe it hasn’t updated yet? (eventual consistency issue)

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