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Mutual-credit PoC: holochain community experiment

Yes, so just to let you know, we are experiencing some issues in how the DHT holds the data in long-lived conductors. Mainly vouches are disappearing from the DHT, causing some people to be blocked from doing transactions.

We are investigating it and will try to upgrade to v0.0.48-alpha1 since there are some DHT fixes in that version.

Thanks for the testing guys :D, I’ll keep you posted.


I wanna participate too! I’m using Holoscape v0.0.10 (includes Holochain v0.0.48) but I haven’t recompiled your DNAs for HDK v0.0.48, so the DNA hashes should be the same. and would like a couple vouches – I’m @pauldaoust as always. Thanks!

I also had no clue you were using a lobby pattern! That makes me excited; I had an idea for how to invite outsiders into private spaces and even called it ‘lobby’. Similar concept?


Don’t see you in the lobby @pauldaoust.

So basically we named it after your pattern: it was very obvious to us that it was the right idea and vocabulary to use, so we just went with it. The only difference is that instead of doing the certificate validation, we do social triangulation.


I am back in, with username connor, can folks look for me and vouch as well?

Awesome! Great to hear I came up with a useful word. I should generalise that lobby article to reference general membrane patterns rather than specifically certificate validation.

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hmm, odd. I know that I’ve been able to connect to someone else to get them to check my vouch count, because my UI reports that I have zero. Wonder why my username anchor didn’t propagate? Ohhhhh… maybe it was because I initially ran it using Holoscape .10, and we’ve since found bugs in Holochain .48 that it came with. I’ll try deleting my instance and re-joining.

[UPDATE] I’ve deleted and rejoined the lobby; could some kind souls vouch @pauldaoust if you can see me yet?

Check out Guillem presenting the Mutual Credit app at the Open Coop!


These videos from Matthew Slater and Dil Green presenting a nested/fractal design for mutual credit systems might be helpful. I found them useful in getting a deeper understanding of how to scale mutual credit to a global level.

Also for those who haven’t yet done the Commons Engine course on Currency Design, it is now available as a self-paced course on Udemy.


Totally game to play!

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Hey guys. I would love to try. And also invite my friend from a big crypto org to join in too.

I have download the “bundle.toml” file. But can’t open it. Is there anywhere, step by step instructions what to do? I went to holoscape github page too, but i have no idea what to do next.

I am using Windows btw. Look forward to try the mutual credit apps and experience it from an actual user perspective. Will be very very useful when i share it with my peers.

afaik Holochain does not yet run on Windows. Your best bet is to install Ubuntu on Virtualbox and install it there.

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For those of you that want to join but are not able to, this is mainly due to my holoport not being online, since this was our way to always maintain the DHT data in the network. And my holoport is not online due to issues in long-lived conductors at the DHT holochain core level.

So, for now, we’ve shifted the effort from trying to experiment with this current version to developing next steps (anyone being able to create their own currency) and wait for holochain to solve those issues in the meantime.

Anyhow, you should still be able to join if both the vouchers and the vouchee are online at the same time though. Ping me if you want me to be online and vouch for you.

@Ferananda, @GraceR


There are two sessions at Open Co-op virtual conference 11/12 June around Mutual Credit.
One is on basic concepts - for a generally interested audience: Thu, 11 June
11:15- 12:45 BST.
The other is a more in-depth session for people who have some knowledge: Fri, 11 June
11:15- 12:45 BST.

It would be really great to have one of you - or both - on the panel - particularly for the second session.

The first will be more of a presentation followed by a Q&A.

The second will be designed around the panel - bigger or smaller is fine.

Peppe Littera from Sardex and myself from OCN will be at both (I will be facilitating, unless someone else wants to!), and Enric Duran of Faircoin will join us at the second.

I would be grateful to hear if you (either / both - not assuming that you need to co-ordinate) would like to be involved - and, if so, how that would work best for you.

Dil +44 7944 720 451 @ dilgreen on twitter / telegram, dil@dilgreen.net


@dilgreen Should I move this to a private message thread?

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Hi Dil, is the Deeper Dive session on Thursday or Friday? The date is the same in your message but the day is different, a typo for sure, please clarify, thanks.

Thursday is the overview. Friday is a deep dive. I’ll be moderating the panel. We have a large panel at this point. It will be very intereting.


Sounds great, I hope there are possibilities for recordings! :slight_smile:


Can I please have a couple of vouchers? @Lily - got my original username back! YAY!!
I just installed the new bundle again.
Thanks very much!