Music for media

Hello holochain fam! I have been a part of the growing holochain community since April of '18 and am ecstatic to see the organic growth and progress.
One thing that always didn’t sit right with me as an artist was the use of the background music in the past videos(such as this video which didn’t really harmonize with the message because of the conflicting harmony. I notice there has been no music in the recent videos.
Plato wrote about the power of music in his book the Republic, and I believe it is an important factor, especially for the newer generations.
Not just any music, but something that holds the energy of hope and joy and excitement.

I have spoken to a close friend of mine (Chris Sailor) who is a brilliant musician who would love to collaborate with anyone on this endeavor. His work reminds me of jazz fusion/final fantasy/Zelda with synth wave 80’s feeling. Very positive, beautiful compositions.

He usually writes the songs in a day, but can really write some magnificent complex pieces.
At the least, please check out his music on band camp here, . His music alias is Rue.

I can contact him directly if anyone is interested.
Take care.

Hey @Treeguyjon - Thank you for the feedback and the recommendation. We’ve got a team currently working on our content and voice and I’m forwarding your feedback and chris’ music to them.