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Movement/Exercise Game ~ Power of Schmashmurney ~ MicroShred

Team Size: 1
Eric Bear: @bear

It’s an app where you can send a challenge to someone to do some number of exercises that you’re also going to do and they have a time limit to do them themselves.

*ping me (@bear about it and I’ll do a jam session with you within a couple days on it)

Similar app or site: Similar to this stuff crossed with this thing https://habitica.com/static/home, but more snapchatty than either in how the communication go.

I am at the: Idea stage

Proof of concept: It’s such a simple idea, and I’ve floated it with enough people who’ve been excited about it that I’m confident some people would want to play with it. The big question for me is the architecture of it, and determining whether it needs to wait for Holochain’s mobile functionality, or if it would be servable to phones if Holo hosted?

Design and implementation: I am sure about my project

Fund rasing: It’s very simple and shouldn’t need too much funding, I may be able to fund it or do a little fundraising with a good architecture that I feel confident in.

Skills: rate yourself from 0 - 10

  • Holochain knowledge: I’ve got a strong conceptula grasp, and can’t code, but I am very well connected in the community and team.
  • Holochain knowledge: I’ve got a good conceptual grasp of Holochain and no coding ability.
  • Development: 0
  • Project Management: 5
  • Community Building: 8
  • Fundraising: 3
  • Jokemaking: 7
  • Pull-ups doing: 6


  • Just started talking about it with folks, with a couple meetings.
  • 2 hours a week for 3 weeks and the assessing

What do I need:

  • Understand basic concept of Holocahin
  • A team member with Developer skills
  • Initial diagraming
  • A more technical list of what I need, once the above is clear

@bear I love this idea since it was in my mind even in centralize architecture. In my opinion before starting the design or implementation phase you should think more about app use cases.
Something like use stories.
for example the content of challenge are going to be generated totally by user or you would like to have a company behind it to generate new challenge for users?
like designing game the company can design challenges!!!

can you make a list of feature that app supposed to have?

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Good point Hedayat, and I realize that I mispoke. When I said diagraming, i mean exploring the kinds of interactions, like user stories, that people are going to have on it, because I think best in mind-maps.

I hadn’t even considered whether there might be company making the challenges, assuming it would be the individuals sending things to each other. Curious what you think that might look like.

In my mind it’d be things like “do 15 pushups” or “do 15 squats”
By keeping it relatively open, it allows for people to use exercises that they and their friends are excited about.

One possibility for it would be for people to work towards a goal together. For example, my household is working towards 50 pullups, where we’re following a system that has us do a 5 sets of different numbers every 2/3 days, and I would love to be inviting other friends to join it. Just sending exercises here and there isn’t as exciting or motivating as working toward a goal together.

Another goal I have (among many) is pistol squats. I would love if I had a little clan working towards these, and bing able to help motivate and recieve motivation from others in pursuit of the goal, would be great. There’s an app called habitica that has some of this kind of functionality, but I’m imagining it to be more of a messaging/snapchatty experience, where it’s more about the interaction between the people.

It’s a neat because it’s designing around interaction and support around intrinsic motivation, and support for motivation, so, like a simplified example of @Qubeo, @buddy and my’s team project.


From time to time, we see that a new challenge has become fashionable on Instagram. They come out of spontaneous event or action.

I was wondering about friends challenge(social challenge) app or even a business for designing new challenges like game industry. Just imagine combination of physical movement + some math or physics or whatever can be a new challenge for a big community with some rewards or records.

You are some friends in a party looking forward for an entertainment? So what do you have around you! just search the app with the common things around you to find a viable nice challenge to do!

In summary the combination of Game + Challenge as an industry inside one application.

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Aha, that makes sense. It’s a smarter evolution of what I was thinking.

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How about like an Escape Room set up. Your phone knows you’re in say a supermarket, you’re set a challenge and once achieved you have to upload a photo/piece of video or documented content/story to prove you’ve done it… (related to the task you’re aiming to achieve of course).

Apply the same infrastructure to a business where managers can set various challenges for their staff to hit not just the companies targets but their personal ones too… thus increasing the moral of the office environment and increase in workflow.

@eduardo.moreira i believe already brings some excitement to his workforce.

And on a way more serious topic, how many overhand pull ups @bear @hedayat @Qubeo ?

Not something that I’d personally be stoked on, but imagine some folks would be.
I’m more interested in the connecting with people who I’m connected with and having something to help us support each other in getting fit as simply as possible.

I did a 7, 10, 6, 6, 14 the other day with about 2 minute breaks between sets.


I love this idea… as I feel it ties in nicely with the way I maintain my fitness (6 minutes of dynamic freestyle movement every hour and a mild exploration into extreme-ish sports)

One thing I’ve been exploring over the past year is redefining the world around me as a playground.

I think the initial idea could be expanded to include a richer and more dynamic set of challenges e.g. climb this building, reach the peak of this mountain, run this route within a set time, hold a 30 second handstand, etc.

Photographic or videographic proof / geolocation data could be uploaded to validate, a geocache / QR code could be scanned or someones’ word could be taken as the source of truth (lying only cheats yourself).

Challenges could be set by other users (private or public) and unlocked by completing previous challenges e.g. task-based (50 pullups) or goal-based (reach this location) in order to ensure safe progression - to encourage one to venture beyond their comfort zone but not place them in a dangerous situation without first developing the prerequisite skills and mindset.

In essence the next evolution could be applied practice and creative exploration of our world.

I feel like this kind of app would be incredible for the days when I want to switch off from work and go play. I do this anyway but usually get strange looks :laughing: so having a community of people to coordinate this with would be amazing.

Ah, yeah, I see what you’re saying @kcw. I’m less interested in building pathways into it, like imposing a structures of approaches to exercises in the system, because then it’s funneling everyone who uses it into whatever approach to exercise I, or the people building it have, you know? I’m much more excited about having a tool to use as an adjunct to whatever approach to fitness I’m taking and allows me to connect with people who I’m already connected to to engage more deeply together in support of the goals.

The idea about expanding the challenges to include things like "climb this building, run this route in a set amount of time, etc. sounds interesting.

And, all this is fun to dream about, and this project for me is a flight of fancy since I’m not a dev and am not in a position to hire someone to build it. It’s just a fun idea. Naturally, if someone does want to build it, even if they want to take it in a direction that’s not what I’m envisioning, that’d be super cool! Also, as long as it didn’t feel too philosophically off from what I want to exist I’d be very happy to help with design, organizing, and moral support!