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Mismatched expectations between exercise content and interactive component

There are a couple of things coming up with the interactive component that don’t quite match what the text of the exercise indicates.

On the hashes exercise:
Testing get_book seems to be missing the panel indicated in

Open the last item with the green check with the text get_book in library zome, result: , in the panel just right of the execute button.

I see neither a panel to the right of the execute button nor any green checks.

On the header exercise:

First click on the grey circle with the text snacking_log . This should look familiar. It is just an entry. Then click on the top most blue rectangle with the text ‘Create’ that points directly to the entry

The interactive component here doesn’t have colors on the shapes, they’re all grey. The node with ‘snacking_log’ is actually a rectangle, and the node with ‘Create’ is a grey circle.


Oh thanks! This is my fault, I’ve recently added breaking changes to the underlying playground libraries. I thought I fixed everything in the gym itself, but seems I missed these things. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Looks like the source-chains exercise also needs updating, currently references (rounded blue squares) while all the elements in the interactive component are grey.


Fixed and published!