Minimum system requirements

I am focused mostly on machine to machine interaction and am wondering about the absolute minimum specs for a device to run Holochain… Particularly the RAM.

There are no absolute minimum specs. I’d say 8GB+ RAM is a good start (16GB+ recommended)

System Requirements from the Quick Start page.

Most embedded devices only have around 128mb of ram. If Holochain is going to have a machine to machine use case it will need to run on significantly less than 1 GB ram.

Hi @AdamThompson to clarify my comments were related to app development. Holochain App usage system requirements will be different. In theory, the requirements should be low but this would need to be validated.

The last time we did profiling was 6 months ago. So feel free to do the test by creating an app and verifying the min system requirements. Let us know how it goes.