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Apparently there’s some political thing happening just south of me, so I recognise that your attention might be divided. So I want to thank you for showing up and reading this article. (By the way, I think cryptographic data integrity combined with a digital immune system would go a long way toward reducing electoral fraud. Just sayin’.)

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/migrating-your-holochain-app-to-rsm/

Hey @Holochain,

in the blog you say
“I noticed that the consumer node’s CPU and RAM weren’t maxing out, so I asked the RedGrid team why they didn’t push Holochain harder. They answered that they hit a bug that caused the consumer node to crash. I got word this morning that the Holochain core dev team has found a fix for the bug and successfully tested it with 500 write ops per second. I predict that once this bugfix lands in RedGrid’s hands, they’ll see a further 5× improvement at the least, which means RSM can write entries almost 40,000× faster than Redux.”

Can you point me at the PR that fixed this?