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Member Whitelist


Sometimes only a small list of members should have access to a DHT. Membership by Invitation isn’t appropriate for all use cases; it’s too complex for situations where the list of members is small and fixed.


Using the Benevolent Dictator pattern, whitelist a public key or set of public keys that are authorised to join the network.


In the properties section of the DNA bundle, create an element that contains a public key or set of public keys of agents who are allowed to join the network. The agent ID validation function checks against this whitelist. If an agent is not whitelisted, validation fails and they aren’t allowed to join.


  • This pattern is not as versatile as Membership by Invitation , especially for cases where there are a lot of members or members may come and go.
  • If a privileged user’s device is stolen, it’s impossible to revoke their public key’s authority unless the DNA also understands DPKI revocation.