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Martin Banov Memorial

Dear friends,

I found out a few weeks ago that friend, fellow Holochain enthusiast and creative/technical writer, Martin Banov, passed away in April.

I wanted to make a post here to remember Martin and to celebrate his contributions to the (Holochain) commons. Below are some of the Holochain articles he wrote (organized by publishing date). My conversations with Martin, along with his writings, helped me a lot when I was first learning about Holochain. If there are any articles that I missed, please add the links to this thread.

Martin’s description of himself:

Martin is a nerd of various stripes with an affinity for paradox and interests in systems design and trans-disciplinary intersections. Martin is a child of the world having lived in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel and currently Taiwan.

His articles:


This is a public facebook post by Martin’s sister with a few nice photos of him and some info on his passing:


Rest in peace Martin :heart:

(Credit: Bianka Banova)


I love his articles on bitrates, I read them over and over when he published them.

RIP and condolences to his family


Always sad to hear about such an event.
I didn’t know him, but by heart with all of you who known him.
RIP Martin

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Hello Holochain community.

This is Martin’s sister.

First, I’d like to thank Jeremy for making this memorial and distributing part of my brother’s work. He truly believed in the Holochain project and I hope that his in-depth writings have contributed to deepening the understanding of the complex issues that projects such as Holochain are trying to solve.

Given the current challenges - economic, political, technological - his death is a grave loss for all those who are forward-thinking and looking to deliver meaningful solutions to the problems are facing.

I want to wish the Holochain team and its’ community success in their future endeavors. Martin was an incredibly perceptive individual and saw potential noble initiatives early on - if the past is any indicator, he will be right about Holochain too.

Distributed ledger technologies have become his passion in the past few years and it was something that kept him going forward and expanding his endless intellectual curiosity. May the projects that he had faith in continue to prosper - he would be happy if they did.

Thank you,