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I really want to know if you guys are building a marketing team or trust in the quote a good product/service sells itself?

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I’ve no doubt the funders of Holochain, Holo Host, are growing their marketing team all the time which promotes both their hosting services and the Open Source Holochain scalable framework for P2P distributed apps, however when you say “you”, you are referring to you. And me. And all of us who want to see it succeed.

Haha true :muscle: i have no doubt of that either. But i wonder if they do develop anything visual. Like sick animations, video’s, banners that kind of marketing

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You mean like this?

Yes! but this is just an easy and quick upgrade from their original crowdfunding campaign 3 years ago:

Did they even change anything? xD

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Hah! Well, what are you proposing? The last Open Source project I was involved in took 20 years to come up with anything similar for the project itself:

…although I did try about 10 years ago with a small grant [in my fatter days!]

I think it is important to use different kinds of design so you can speak to all the different kind of people on this world. For example: https://doncorgi.com/blog/types-of-cartoon-drawing-styles/

Make introduction video’s that take 30 sec, 1 min, 2 minutes and so on


interviews on different types of platforms. example: not only youtube but also radio, different types of talkshows, newspapers and so on.

guerilla marketing

affiliate marketing


you know the drill xD

But atleast build a TOP marketingteam paralel to the day to day tasks and keep sketching until ‘‘final’’ release so you have a bunch on the agenda

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All fabulous ideas, but why?

This forum is for the Holochain language, the Holo Hosting as I mentioned above are more likely to co-ordinate and invest in things which will bring them revenue and profits.

For example, you mention things like “affiliate marketing” - how do you affiliate market a software development language?

Perhaps try this exercise to get to the bottom of your desires :wink: