Marketing and business in decentralised economy

A great marketer is a great explainer.
This is the lesson I’ve learned after experimenting in different industries with a mix of failure and success for many years.
The Basics:
Let’s say you have a product or service you want to market. To make sales, you should be able to clearly explain your unique value proposition and ask for compliance from your prospects one step at a time.
In doing so, you need to figure out a few things:
#1: does your prospect have the problem you’re trying to solve?
#2: are you “clearly” explaining what you do to solve their problem that no one else can do for them?
#3: are you providing enough evidence that you can do what you are claiming to do?
#4: what do you do to minimise their risk of taking action?
#5: do you provide a clear path for them to take actions?

If you could answer all these questions positively, you’ll run a successful campaign. A few tips:
-Slogans don’t convert prospects to customers.
-Short ads or landing pages are not essentially better or worse than long formats. It’s all about context.
-Don’t copy from your competitors. They don’t know much more than you do.
-Market is always changing. Winners constantly experiment with new tools and distribution channels.
-Run your tests based a hypothesis. Document the results and challenge the hypothesis. Don’t run blind A/B tests.
-Customer interviews and surveys are essential if you want to continue winning your customer’s trust.

These are a few basic principles. I’ll add to this topic when I find some free time.