Low Code Zone EP 2, with Belinda Noakes and Stephen Alexander

Low Code Zone EP 2

What challenge Belinda Noakes gave to Phil Beadle in the latest instalment of the Low Code Zone? Watch now to find out!

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heck yea!!! you are all are so awesome :sparkling_heart: and glad to see others get it

we just need to build the boilerplate for the AI (prefer the term Programmable Intelligence - or better yet II {Intentional Intelligence} ). creating a sentient neural network is fundamental. anyone willing to help with a concept like CEPTR http://ceptr.org/ reach out to me. does anyone understand it? and the beauty of grammatic capacities…Grammatic Capacities and the Evolution of Complex Adaptive Systems | Ceptr

can I please help write this: A Fractal Virtual Machine System Frarmework as New Networked Global Nervous System | Ceptr ?

minute 28: volunteer architect :raised_hand: this stuff is my passion would rather collaborate than do it alone… so many designs but nothing to build on :pleading_face:

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I know right!
Why low-code? This is like the perfect platform for no-code.
Just create nodes to represent primary computational functions and build programs straight on the network by staking the nodes. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: