Looking To Buy A Holoport

I am interested in purchasing a Holoport. Anyone have one for sale? Would prefer a + but open to other options. Looking for a USA compatible device. Thanks.

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Thanks for the info. I was under the impression that people who backed the indigogo project had received holoports.

They did. I am a backer and I received mine, as did many of my friends and people I know who also supported the campaign.

Really? I thought there was only a batch of 500 that were shipped a few months ago and that was it

I don’t know the number that was shipped, but I’ve had mine since 2019.

Have you made 10k Hot tokens per month since then? And in the USA? Does it increase ever?

Yes, subject to my HoloPort’s availability to the network (which wasn’t always the required 95%).

My HoloPort is not in the USA, but in Germany.

The 10k HOT tokens is for participation in the Alpha program and not indicative of earnings on the open hosting market once Holo hosting is operational. I don’t know about any planned increases or decreases.