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Looking For Holochain Developers [PAID]

Hello my name is Jeremiah Esters, I am a Entreprenuer and Real Estate Developer from Los Angeles, California. I’m looking to get into Blockchain because I believe it is the next generation of the internet. I want to put my money and resources into a app. The basics of the app is a centralizied Search Engine / social media ecosystem that allow users to upload their own data in the form of text, photos, videos, apps and games with their own free will without many restrictions. The reasoning behind this is that we want to make a app ecosystem that our users never have to leave. Why go to another when we already have the feature in our app. We want to bring the features of google, Facebook instabram snapchat and many other apps into one using blockchain. We want to make all of these features interconnected and centralized so it gives users a choice to what they want to use but we want to make it a decentralized platform at the same time to give users freedom and the ability to be search the internet with privacy and security using blockchain but filter the content so it can be accessible to the common consumer. There is much more that is going to the app that I cant explain over the forum. I’m looking to hire the best of the best developers on this forum and I’m looking to pay good for your services. Please contact me here or email me if your interested. Serious Inquires Only
[email protected]

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Hi @jeremiahestersceo!

So, to confirm - you want to ‘bring the features of google, Facebook instabram snapchat and many other apps into one using blockchain’, centralized but also decentralized, in order to create a system users will never have to leave.

Asking for a [developer] friend…

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Yes exactly. this is what I want. I believe this will bring more freedom to the people of the internet. please send all developers my way I’m looking to hire :slight_smile:

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OK great, sounds like a fabulous opportunity, just wanted to double-check the specifications.

I’ll pass them your details. All the best!

Are you also active on Reddit and is this your profile/account? Just checking :slight_smile:



Yes it is :slight_smile: how did you know? I’ve hired many on reddit aswell