London Holochain Meetup - Tue 1 Dec, 18:00 GMT (London, GB)

Hi All

For our next meetup on Tue, 1 Dec, 6pm GMT (London, UK), we will have the pleasure of Alastair Ong doing a Q&A on hosting. I’d love for you to join if you can.

The event is open to all - all here and public. Pls register on the Meetup link below.

Look forward to seeing you!


I hope you can join on Tue for the Q&A with Alastair Ong on hosting.

Looking forward to it!

Hey All

Here is the link for the meetup tonight.

(the above video conferencing is based on – which is open source)

Chromium based browser, e.g. Chrome, Brave, Opera or MS Edge (with Blink engine).

On mobiles, you can use the native app Jitsi Meet — just make sure the link opens up in a dedicated browser (not in-app) so that the native app gets started properly. Or simply copy & paste the URL into the native mobile app.

For optimal results, replace the server URL in the settings of the mobile app with the following:

Jitsi works best in desktop browsers. There is a feedback in mobile browsers so I don’t recommend it.

Make sure to ALLOW access to your mic and camera.

See you soon!