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I’m the only member on this forum. Hi

Loconomics is a platform coop from the USA which we are working on to bring to Australia.
from coop.australia.com.au

Loconomics Cooperative’s mission is to use technology, shared ownership, and community to strengthen local economies.We provide tools, marketing, and community to our owners, empowering them to thrive in their work as local service professionals. We provide their clients an app where they can discover and directly schedule local service professionals safely and easily, without middle-men.

I think it makes sense to run Loconomics on holochain so that service providers are more in control of their data and support the community

currently the web 2.0 version is a fork from Loconomics (USA) here

we have a static page about the project here

Similar app or site:
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Task Rabbit
Air Tasker

I am at…:
Design and implementation: my main efforts are being spent on getting the web 2.0 version in Australia.
For Holochain I’m interested in how the concepts for the web 2.0 version translate to Holochain, for example google mapping functionality and postcode lookups (which in Australia has 18k records)


  • Holochain knowledge: 1
  • Front-End: Knockout(2),
  • Back-End: .Net(9), SQL Server (9)
  • UI/UX: CSS(3)
  • Others: community management(7), events management (8)

I’m currently spending about 10 hour per week on the web 2.0 version.
depending on progress with that and results of investigations into the feasibility of holochain for this app, I could spend more time on it at a later date


This is very interesting to me. You say they’re operating in the states already?

Are you part of the US team trying to bring it to Australia or are you someone who’s not part of the time but wants it to work in Australia?

Hi Moritz
I’m not part of the US team but I’ve had close contact with them for the last 3 years

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