Listing cells with hc sandbox command

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So we are about to start demos of the OASIS API on June 21st and be great to have hc support added so we really need to get HoloNET RSM working now, the last thing we need to do is get the current agent id and holo hash.

I was told this can be done with the hc sandbox command but we are having issues.

So far I have tried this:

hc sandbox call --running 58129 list-cells
hc sandbox call --running list-cells
hc sandbox call list-cells

All of them didn’t give any error message, just showed the help and available commands so a bit odd? Not sure where else I can go from here because no error or feedback was given?

Any other ideas?

And what is involved with the web socket way? I REALLY want to get the holochain provider finished for OASIS API now because we are starting demos from June 21st and be great to have hc support… :slight_smile:

Check out the full thread here with @Connoropolous who has been very kindly helping me:

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