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Lightwave | Marketplace for sustainable products

Hello Holochain Community!

We are happy to introduce you to Lightwave :ocean: and its marketplace. We are looking forward to surf the wave with others :surfing_woman:. But first let’s introduce our team:

Forum members: @raphisee @Capri @pmonien @johannes.kuebel


The idea of Lightwave and its marketplace:

We offer a marketplace for sustainable products

By increasing the visibility of organizations and their products, we can better connect them to sustainably oriented customers.

We are starting our journey in Zürich and are integrated in the umbrella organization of sustainable retailers of Zürich: Transition Zürich

Our goal: Promote sustainable consumer behavior. In the long term, we would like to provide the marketplace as a financial source to support sustainable projects. It gives users the opportunity within a community to shape society and to learn from each other by discussing ideas and voting on which (local) sustainable projects should be funded. We present the Cycle of Sustainable Development:

We are in the stage of design and implementation. We know Holochain is the right tool for our platform, because the distributed architecture aligns deeply with our core values and the vision we want to grow.

We know the scope of our project and are taking our first steps right now (23. August 2020) in developing a MVP this year. We also have quite detailed designs and layouts for most of the user stories. With the help of the MVP we want to raise funding to focus full time on the implementation of the more complex functionality like payment, integration into cash register systems, accounting and more.

We are also starting a second circle where we focus on creating our regenerative business model and our strategies in regards to marketing, fundraising and partnerships with sustainable organisations.

Skills: (1-10)

Holochain: (3)
Front-End: Angular (7)
Back-End: Rust (1), Node.Js (5)
UI/UX: CSS (4)
Others: Fundraising (2)

What we need:

We are looking to connect with Holochain and UI/UX developers that would like to join our project or support and guide our journey.

For more information and staying in touch: Check our Linktree. Contact us in the forum or via email if you interested to surf the wave with us :ocean: :surfing_man:: [email protected]

:earth_africa: :heart:


Thanks for sharing this @johannes.kuebel! Cool concept, and I appreciate your clarity in explanation.

In your skills list, are those needs? Or resources you currently have?

Thank you for your friendly feedback @J-Krush .

That are the resources we currently have - we are looking forward to share a skill list what we need :slight_smile: