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Lightwave | Marketplace for sustainable products

Hello Holochain Community!

We are happy to introduce you to Lightwave :ocean: and its marketplace. We are looking forward to surf the wave with others :surfing_woman:. But first let’s introduce our team:

Forum members: @raphisee @Capri @pmonien @johannes.kuebel


The idea of Lightwave and its marketplace:

We offer a marketplace for sustainable products

By increasing the visibility of organizations and their products, we can better connect them to sustainably oriented customers.

We are starting our journey in Zürich and are integrated in the umbrella organization of sustainable retailers of Zürich: Transition Zürich

Our goal: Promote sustainable consumer behavior. In the long term, we would like to provide the marketplace as a financial source to support sustainable projects. It gives users the opportunity within a community to shape society and to learn from each other by discussing ideas and voting on which (local) sustainable projects should be funded. We present the Cycle of Sustainable Development:

We are in the stage of design and implementation. We know Holochain is the right tool for our platform, because the distributed architecture aligns deeply with our core values and the vision we want to grow.

We know the scope of our project and are taking our first steps right now (23. August 2020) in developing a MVP this year. We also have quite detailed designs and layouts for most of the user stories. With the help of the MVP we want to raise funding to focus full time on the implementation of the more complex functionality like payment, integration into cash register systems, accounting and more.

We are also starting a second circle where we focus on creating our regenerative business model and our strategies in regards to marketing, fundraising and partnerships with sustainable organisations.

Skills: (1-10)

Holochain: (3)
Front-End: Angular (7)
Back-End: Rust (1), Node.Js (5)
UI/UX: CSS (4)
Others: Fundraising (2)

What we need:

We are looking to connect with Holochain and UI/UX developers that would like to join our project or support and guide our journey.

For more information and staying in touch: Check our Linktree. Contact us in the forum or via email if you interested to surf the wave with us :ocean: :surfing_man:: [email protected]

:earth_africa: :heart:


Thanks for sharing this @johannes.kuebel! Cool concept, and I appreciate your clarity in explanation.

In your skills list, are those needs? Or resources you currently have?

Thank you for your friendly feedback @J-Krush .

That are the resources we currently have - we are looking forward to share a skill list what we need :slight_smile:


Hallo johannes,

I would love to exchange idea and perhaps resources for the development as we are currently setting up a market place for hybrid events within a similar self sustaining ecosystem in vienna. The points most interesting to me are resource planning and a payment system.

I know this stuff on block chain is still very early bird, as to why we do our PoC in a game engine environment with different entities being players and people can issue their tokens if they offer resources to share. Perhaps a shared research and development one day. Our platform base was tested extensively this summer on strudle.io and our team is no ready to go to the next level, mentioned game integration above.

I am a senior ui ux architect myself, run my own company Vienna Struggle Media GmbH and have some experience in working for many startups and in also corporate clients in dach. Actually for a Zurich based company also. Foryouandyourcustomers.

Would love to get involved or partnering up in some way as my company also provides think tanks and development.

Best Tilman.

Feel free to also contact me via linkin or email [email protected]


yess!!! amazing project! gogogo

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Hi there,
I think it would be worth thinking about an existent e-commerce framework to build a marketplace and to choose an existing promising ecosystem to build your stack. I came across with this one, https://saleor.io which seems to be pretty nice and based on GraphQL.
As it is built upon Django, a combination with https://github.com/juntagrico, demo at https://juntagrico-demo.herokuapp.com/ wouldn’t be such a hassle.


My gut reaction is to say “NOOOO, BUILD IT ON HOLOCHAIN” but you know what? Even if you continue to stick to your decision to build on Holochain, it might be a very good idea to prototype on something more well established first. You might be able to get by on just an ecommerce app, some spreadsheets, and a chat app. (Just don’t use Magento; it is very flexible but also soooo complicated.)

The reason I like this idea is that the biggest problem will not be the tech but figuring out what the people you’re serving actually need, and what will support regenerative economies best in a grounded/practical way. The faster and cheaper you can ‘fail’ and come up with new ideas, the better your project will be for it. Start with solutions that don’t ‘scale’ well – it might feel like a bad idea, but the unscalable solutions are usually based on human relationships, which will give you the richest sort of feedback and create a base of passionate supporters too.

This also reminds me of some research that @lynnfoster and @bhaugen have been doing on good UIs for economic activity, and they’re leaning very strongly towards chat (supported by machine parsing of agreements, possibly by a special economic markup language that understands how conversations leading to action proceed). That’s because economic activity naturally revolves around conversation, relationship, all the squishy human stuff. I think @mwl has been doing some similar explorations and come to similar conclusions re: chat as the most natural UI for economic relationships that are more complex than a simple purchase from a store. But this is big heady stuff, not really relevant to purchases from an online shop – I just wanted to expose you to it to spark your imagination re: what Lightwave could be capable of.

That said, I should mention that @ViktorZaunders and @kristofer are working on a related project in Sweden, @WaelAura is doing something to connect producers in the Arabic world with expatriate consumers around the globe, and @pospi is working on a library that embodies an economic vocabulary called ValueFlows (also an outcome of Lynn and Bob’s work). Both of these projects use (or will use) Holochain as their tech.


Also, nice bread porn pic :wink: Is that one of @raphisee’s loaves?

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Agree, the frontend is the most important thing from a user perspective and if you build first something on a existing platform you learn a lot. You can decide after that what is the best approach, rebuilding from scratch or migrate some part of your chosen framework. With a modern stack as Saleor you get for instance a working PWA framework, which allows you to build mobile apps with no coding needed.

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(don’t get me wrong; I would love for you to build on Holochain and I think it’d probably be an appropriate matching of tech to needs. @johannes.kuebel @pqcdev DM me if you want to have a deeper conversation about this – or better yet, we could have a case study in public, right here on the forum)

appreciate you! not only are we building on Holochain but we’re gonna get CEPTR up and running. anybody that understands the implications of this layer please jump on this thread and help us out… theres a big dif between dapp and dHapp :hatching_chick:

im not the ‘#boss’ explainer guy like you so maybe you’re willing to translate? ha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this is so much more than a marketplace, we’re talking about a regenerative economy. we’re exploring COLLABORATION. we’re looking to heal the planet. we’re discussing a mutual Commons. All of the “current-sees” will help REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Lets wake up to the reality of now. Please can we realize the power of what’s happening… I’m so thankful for this community because we all actually care about others. We are all working incredibly hard to create a better world…

Seeds can play a significant role if theyre willing. I love the design and what they’re doing. @pospi REA will be fundamentally crucial, thanks for all that grinding. @ViktorZaunders @kristofer Shiro = amazing and has lots of overlap. @WaelAura Albaydar fantastic.

leaders from around the world are coming together… lots of :fireworks: stay tuned…


In most of the businesses in profit and non-profit, the revenue streams are the most aspect for complicating the business model.
when #shiro , #lightwave , #albaydar #Reg Ex (Marshal group) are examining business cases for regenerative benefits, do we need revenue for ourselves as service providers?
If yes, here comes for example #nrp into a strategic discussion.

Personally, I love the contribution freedom model (fluid swarms scrum).
Since we are building user cases application layer on top of organic systems for abundance, I would experiment with paying only the producers with the money we get from consumers in our case, not the system admins and developers. Or to plan a fixed basic salary for those who need it. We can even design a pot for money to be reused into the ecology we build.
For example, young peasants what to construct an eco-housing project, because they want to settle and build families … and we sell their goods. When the architects, workers are part of the ecosystem, they can get paid from that pot … valueflo.ws
The question is then not about how much to pay (if necessary), but who can do the work and who decides.
I think those who express their needs are in charge. “conversation leading to action” is the most fundamental design topic to co-create. I have been researching in this for 13 years. And I think, the whole creation process is aligned with responding to an inner generative question raised by an individual or a group (community). I could present to you how I imagine the holonic map for co-creation (Global Brain Application)
It consists of

  1. the Application Layer we build on Shiro/LW/AB … and others belong to this category (it will help us if we build a collective array of user-cases)
  2. Bio-rigonal nested map where the applications/actions taking place tagged to 8 layers
  3. A conversation to action formula and in my work I propose 3-Steps-Formula

Can u imagine the drop of complications when we exchange revenue and “income” with valueflows?
I see any kind of money as a limiting structure for creation. even “ethical” one! We are equally valuable! In the long term, I can not imagine working with someone who has more “financial” power than the peasant who provides me with the food I need.
This is a design core principle for any holonic map projects I would work on it.

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pls check these recordings from my side regarding Albaydar.Earth application processes to have an overview about the platform function

I have started corresponding with the gateway-processor (alreef) and the main business development agency in Palestine (PalTrade) to start business development agreement.
I thought it would be great if the involved project here build a collective team and partnership so that when we communicate with business partners, they know that our tech products are related, so that these potential partners are more motivated to collaborate with us. I can imagine there is a lot taking place in the food sector now and often it is overwhelming to chose the right business partner …

This way we support each others project more effectively, have better project coordination and more important developer community has an address for contribution.
We need a partnership agreement, website and a cool name …
what do u think?


Good idea to get the ball rolling and start some work ‘on the ground floor’ -so to speak-

Agreed. I recommend let’s get a list of everyone we have on each team so far, with time availability, this might be a way to get more non-tech people involved, and then find a volunteer to start some initial organization. Also I’d like to see us pick one (or two) apps for collab so that there’s less to sort through.

A dedicated Discord server could be helpful? As long as we keep it a closed membrane and productivity focused…

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Hey @pa thank you for coming by and showing interest for Lightwave :slight_smile:

Your mentioned the approach to build a prototype without Holochain to get more experience and find out about the needs of the people and flows of the marketplace. That is exactly what we are doing at the moment :slight_smile: Here are some pictures of our last test run of last week:

We are in contact with the people you mentioned to look if we can develop together with Holochain. We are starting next week with the architecture.

Here you can join our telegram/discord community of Lightwave to get more Information:

Hope to have a chat soon :slight_smile:


This is some beautiful synergy; so excited to see the conversation that’s developing here! Yay for collaboration!


If you build it he will come :raised_hands:

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Hello Holochain Community! We wanted to give you a little Update :hearts:

We officially founded with representatives from the entire food value chain the Cooperative Koopernikus with around 10 organizations! We are responsible for IT. The goal is to build a marketplace with the connection between stocks/warehouse :globe_with_meridians: We are already taking product pictures.

Our long-term goal is still to switch to Holochain thats why we decided to switch from REST to GraphQL. We are currently working out the data Infrastructure and started to code little micro services. :technologist:

Middle term we want to integrate a governance & partizipative budgeting around it. Similar to a DAO.

We have the wish connect more with people who sees a connection between Lightwave & Holochain to start rolling :ocean:

For more information: https://lightwave.ch/