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@petersgrandadventure, @mperrin, @bauhouse, @kamal, @guillemcordoba, @ViktorZaunders, @maackle, @friedger, @lchang, @nphias, @RobLyon - Y’all have been part of the conversation/project to now. Let’s use this category as a place to coordinate and add updates -

Hi all, I wonder if there’s opportunity for this group to collaborate with this effort??


Hey Kamal,

Aaron from the Terran collective actually joined a couple of the Gather calls before. Not sure who’s holding the torch currently, I think @mperrin and @petersgrandadventure were still building?

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hey all,

I hope everyone’s doing well,

here are the notes from the March 23 group call


I’ve been thinking about the use-case of people who have recently lost work looking to pick up one time or reoccurring paying gigs. the option would be to receive payment for fulfilling ‘roles’ for events. this could make app highly relevant and sought after

After learning a bit about REA, I propose we frame our ‘possibilities’, ‘criteria’, and ‘roles’ in language of ‘Resource, Events, and Agents’ accounting. Going back to the roles-as-gigs use case, the REA framework would be translatable to a ‘value equation’, i.e. an income dispersing formula for the event being organized. e.g. 5% of proceeds from the event go to the role of ‘massage therapist’, 5% go to the events space host, 5% to the chef etc, etc.

more info on using REA in this way:

in the presentation below, such a ‘value equation’ is explained in the context of hardware manufacturing cooperative named sensorica

(more links available on request)

shouts out to @pospi and the #projects:holorea crew, who have great insight into this topic

it’d be a pretty advanced feature to implement, but would make the app stand out in its functionality for helping people coordinate flexibly in economically rewarding ways

looking forward to more planning,

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Great idea! I really like the idea of creating a new economy based on event organisation. Also like the location-based (geo-shizzle-fuzzy) search. Makes a lot of sense, because you can connect virtual communities with physical communities and coordinate local events/action.

Happy to see this happening. I am building something similar and hopefully I can hook into this once I have the MVP up and running (60% done). Will connect once I have something tangible to show…working double digits last weeks/months and not much time to join/take on new projects.

My ‘personal’ project is centralized and thinking about how to hook into distributed web through desktop happs. But for this, I need to prove the concept first and be able to get some funding or charge for premium models/features/shizzle.

Some of the things I am wondering/thinking/reading about:

  • Facebook is implementing a 50-people group chat feature and you don’t have to be friends to join these channels. And this will be rolled out on messenger/whatsapp/etc.
  • What unique features or niches can use whatever we are making? Generic vs specialized.
  • A dynamic-timeline-feature (templates/protocols/agenda) could add structure and improve conversations. (idea comes from David Atkinson @dcatki )
  • Teaching and payments…how to grow some great weed or bake an apple pie. Or learn how to make/bake an apple pie while smoking and growing weed all at the same time…or…learn how to smoke weed while teaching how to bake an apple pie. Or…smoking weed and eating an apple pie while watching how to do the reverse.
  • How can local/geo-shizzle be anonymous.
  • Who is legally responsible for the ‘virtual’ event? TOS by event/organizer or generic?
  • What to do with trolls and banning? Per event/responsibility of host?
  • Membranes are per event and ‘soft’ and enforced by the host…which makes the host legally responsible, or not?
  • How would the social network look like…following vs friends vs closed groups vs invites etc.
  • What are the benefits of centralisation (search maybe?) and localisation (happs?)…how can hybrid (h)apps work together…
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