Learning Path(Leap)

Team Size: 3 so far(unlimited, open to anybody to participate)
Hedayat: @hedayat
Guillem: @guillemcordoba
Nastasia: @f00bar42
all community members and @devcamp6 welcome to participate if would like.

Description: This application is made mainly for educational purposes and for Holochain DevCamp6. I wish we can improve it to a level that can be used as an open source peer to peer learning platform. So I invite anybody to participate in building this happ.


Similar app or site: Udemy

We are at…:

  • Refactoring : during the DevCamp6 we recognized that we need to improve the initial design.
  • Defining new Features: we are trying to analyze and define some new features for the next step. It supposed to be ready for the next devcamp.


  • Holochain knowledge: sum of community knowledge which is quite good.
  • Front-End: LiteElement, PolymerJs, Apollo, Graphql
  • Back-End: Rust

Commitment: it is dynamic based on the community commitment.

What do we need: more participant from community. To learn holochain and try to implement their knowledge here.

(v2)new features list:

  • provide ability for a course to have multiple teachers
  • reputation Modules: review and ratings implemented through mixin zomes
  • user profile in the app
  • separation of courses into different DNAs
  • indexing Course Title + Search
  • payments with mutual-credit
  • ability to include single module into several courses

Warm welcome for any help and participation!


I can help on the graphql and rust side! We’re currently using a different stack on the front-end so I’m a total noob on Litelement but holochain and graphql side I can definitely help!


LitElement has a very very easy learning curve, coming from React you can grasp it in like half an hour. Thinking about publishing a guide for the Apollo + LitElement + Holochain stack…


I’d love to get involved and learn as we go. I probably won’t be much help given my minimal chops but I’ll try!


Hey everyone!
We are planning to develop several new features for the Leap application. These features are chosen based on how popular the underlying functionality is and how useful could it be for a wide range of applications.

We’re looking for people who would also like to participate in this development and take ownership of implementing some of the features. In the list below, you can find more details on the proposed functionality and people who are helping develop it.
If you’d like to join in, feel free to add yourself into implementors list in this doc!
I’m tagging people who already expressed interest in development / particular features.
@jimays (feature of multiple teachers per course you’ve been asking about!)