Kizuna Messaging Application- Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign- December 2, 2020!

Hey everyone!

We are launching our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 to keep the Kizuna project alive and strong! #crowdfunding #online

Like the coming together of users to build a robust and resilient distributed system for Kizuna, we call on the same collective effort to help us make the first step to realizing our vision.

The best way to help us right now is to sign-up for our pre-launch on Kickstarter (Click the “notify me on launch” button):

Join our twitter community, retweet our tweets so it reaches more people, and let’s share some memes whilst on the journey together!

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I will update this post for the Kickstarter link once it is live. :smile:

Together, let’s enable a new era of human communication.

Thank you all so much in advance.

Kizuna team @tats_sato @mechanicko @nkpgardose


bump bump! support Kizuna, Tats, and Akira if you haven’t already done so!

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